Poker is a card game where players place bets to determine the winner of a round. The total amount of bets is called the pot. If a player wins a round, he or she takes the pot, while if a player loses a round, the pot is split among the remaining players. Some variants of poker require players to make an ante bet before each round. This helps keep the game short and keeps each player somewhat invested in each round.

The game of poker is played with betting chips, which are small plastic or ceramic pieces. While real money can also be used to place bets, using poker chips is much easier to handle. In addition, the chips are easily exchanged and counted to determine a winner. Poker has been played in the world for centuries and is one of the most popular forms of gambling.

A typical poker game awards the pot to the highest hand. However, some variations give the pot to the lowest hand. The best poker hand has the lowest number of cards. Some variations may not consider flushes or straights. In such a case, the pot will be split between the highest and lowest hand. This makes poker an extremely popular form of casino gaming.

In some variants of the game, odd chips are allocated to players whose hand is higher than the other player. In case of a tie, the pot will be split as evenly as possible. If two players have the same high and low hands, the odd chip will be given to the player with the higher card by suit.