In the past, casinos were more than just games of chance; they also offered a variety of food, drinks and entertainment to attract patrons. But in modern times, they’ve become more than that, often incorporating hotel amenities, golf courses and spas to cater to the upscale crowd. They are also a great source of tax revenue for their home cities.

Casinos try every trick in the book to keep gamblers gambling. They use music, decor and lighting to encourage players to continue playing and spending. They also offer comps to big spenders like free hotel rooms, meals and shows or even limo service and airline tickets. The goal is to keep them in the casino as long as possible, which helps their bottom line.

Something about the psychology of gambling makes people want to cheat or steal their way to a jackpot. It’s why casinos invest a lot of time and money on security. The security measures include cameras, a high staff to guest ratio and strict anti-disruption protocols. It’s no wonder the casino industry is one of the largest in the world.

A casino has so much more to offer than gaming, and it’s important to focus on those things when marketing. Events and group business are a huge part of a casino’s reputation and income, so it’s critical to have messaging and targeting that reflects that. For example, Cvent’s Search Ads can help you gain exposure to event planners when they are researching hotels and venues — the time when they have the highest intent to follow through on their searches.